Territory Description:
A territory can be carved out of any community where there are a minimum of 250,000 residents and about 5,000 businesses.

We establish our meetings in locations that have the highest concentration of Fortune companies so that our members draw from the contacts to help each other develop more relationships with potential clients. 

Each territory has it's own meeting calendar, director, meeting schedule, mixers, organizations and workshops.

     What is Required:

  • Need to Earn $100,000+ first year working full time
  • Loves helping people, enjoys introducing people, is organized, motivated and can facilitate meetings
  • 75% work at home
  • 25% facilitate meetings
  • Normal 8 to 5 work day
  • Help entrepreneurs become better connected in the community
  • Your initiative determines mid-to-high income range
  • Three methods to own the franchise
  • Complete training and support

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