This is the area where members will find the database, specific resources to grow their business and many great resosurces.

Leada is the Leads Queen.
Encourage your members to use this service especially when they're have difficulty getting an introduction to a specific person or company.
Elite Leads Event Newsletter
The newsletter will be available on the first day of the month. Encourage members who don't come to meetings until later in the month to get the newsletter earlier on.
Training includes:
  • Forms
    • pdf formats
    • Word Documents
    • Excel Forms
  • Video Files
    • Training Manual
  • Audio Files
    • Street Smart Sales Training
    • SpeakEasy Training
    • Your Right to Write Training
    • Mixing It Up!
    • The Decoder Ring
    • The Time of Your Life
Training Manual

Step-by-step, day-by-day instructions on everything you need to run your territory efficiently.

Become familiar with the 7 Techniques. They are the foundation to what makes Elite Leads unique.

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Gather your own testimonials in mp3 and video formats.
Remind your members to go out and visit as many of the groups they can. They more they get out there, the faster their business will grow and the more they will refer others to your groups.

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